interlude nine

The complex’s pool was surprising empty for a summer afternoon.

“You should come in, the water’s nice and warm”, she called out to him.

“Maybe later”, he replied intent to sit in his chair and watch her move throughout the water.  She loved to swim, spending a lot of her free time at the pool.  He was almost the opposite.  Swimming and hanging out at the pool was never a favorite pastime of his.  However, seeing her in her swimsuit was always worth it.  Today she wore a red one piece that hugged her in all the right places.  Watching her bob up and down out of the water, her ample breasts bouncing was causing quite a stir in his groin.  Good thing they were all alone.

“If you come in, I’ll make it worth it to you”, she said smiling as she swan towards the edge of the pool.

“Really now?”, he asked.

“Yep”, she replied looking around the pool, then pulling the top of her swimsuit down and flashing those luscious breasts at him.

“Wow”, he said as she giggled, his manhood standing at full attention.  He stood up and walked to the pool’s step, his erection pressing against his shorts.

“That got you excited I see”, she said.

He smiled, swimming towards her.  She rested against the pool’s wall, her arms on the ledge, waiting expectedly.  He held her hands as he pressed his body into hers.

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s coming out right now”, he said

“I hope not”, she replied, “I wouldn’t want any interruptions”

She reached into his shorts, lifting his dick out, rubbing the entire length.  His body relaxed as she stroked him. She began to nibble beneath his ear, he closed his eyes enjoying every moment.  She slid the bottom of her swimsuit to the side and lined up his dick to her awaiting lips.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in close, receiving as much of his dick she could.  She held him tightly, his thrust causing the water to ripple and wave around them.  She wanted to scream but couldn’t as it would alert unwanted visitors.

“Hold on tight”, he told her, increasing his speed and intensity.  Her nails dug into his back as she began to moan.  He kissed her mouth, trying to mute her sounds.  Each pump brought him to closer to release.  The water splashed around them, his balls tingling in anticipation.  With a loud grunt, he pulled away from her, his seed spilling into the water.  They both tried to catch their breath quickly as the entry gate of the pool area opened.

“Hello there!”, said an older gentleman, “Great time for a swim!”

“Yes sir”, he replied shielding her behind him as she adjusted her clothes

“Yes sir indeed”


interlude eight

He could think of a million different things he’d rather be doing this early in the morning.  Sleeping snugly in his warm bed chief among them.  The sky turned overcast as they drove, never allowing for much of a sunrise.  As he parked the car, she was giddily with excitement.  She finally had time to go on a brisk hike through their county’s vast nature trails.  She loved walking in general, getting in a couple miles every morning.  After several weekends of her work, his work, and other obligations; the day was finally here.  He liked to stay in shape but wasn’t near the avid fan of walking as she.  She did ask him nicely and he didn’t want her walking through the thick forest along the trail alone.  It was an added bonus how amazing she looked in her work out gear.  Everything spandex and form fitting.  She caught him staring as she was stretching her calves.

“Hey!  I’ll let you stare at it all night, even squeeze it but you need to be stretching right now!”, she yelled at him while shaking her tight grey spandex covered ass.

He smiled and began to stretch his legs.  He looked up noticing the changes in the atmosphere.

“We’ll have to hurry, it’s going to rain soon!”, he told her while pointing his index finger in the air.

“It’ll be fine”, she called out walking backwards towards the trails, “Let’s Go!”

“Fine”, he said shaking his head and they were off.

Their walk commenced at a brisk pace over the rocky terrain, venturing up steep inclines and falling away to cascading valleys.  He was actually enjoying himself.

“This isn’t too bad”, he thought to himself as he kept pace with her.

She looked at him, “You’re having fun aren’t you?” she asked

“Yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought”, he admitted.

Their stride slowed down and she held his hand.

“We can take a short break by that pond”, she said pointing down at the pool of water roughly 300 yards away. Walking downhill proved to be easier said than done with the grass slick from the morning dew.  She held his hand tightly as he guided the way.  She always loved the feel and strength of his hands. They were big like an old catcher’s mitt but incredibly soft.  She couldn’t help but notice his muscles, tense, as he maintained his balance, steadying them both.  When the decline flatten out towards the pond, she slipped on a rock, tweaking her ankle.  She leaned on his shoulder, lifting her foot up and down, hoping this stretch would stop any further pain of injury.

“I’ll be okay'”, she assured him, “Just give a minute to rest it.”

He looked towards the pond, noticing a picnic table along its banks.

“Hold me around my neck”, he told her as he put his arms under her knees and lifted her up.

“Aren’t we Mr Muscles?”, she said smiling then giving him a kiss on the cheek.  He smiled back as he carried her the remaining distance to the table.  She flexed her foot back and forth on the picnic table, checking her ankle’s mobility.

“How’s the ankle?”, he asked

“I believe it’s okay”, she replied, “just a minor tweak.  I’ll be able to walk again in a few minutes.”

He walked to a nearby bulletin boards containing a map of the entire trail.  If they continued on this path by the pond, they would be back to the car in no time.  That would be best as he looked up at the sky.  More clouds were rolling in, their darkness casting a harsh color to the surrounding trees.

“Did you figure out where we are?”, she called out.

“Yes, when you’re ready we’ll take this path since it appears quicker than backtracking” he replied

“What’s your hurry?”, she asked, “I told you my ankle will be fine”

“Thinking more about the incoming rain”, he said

“Again with the rain”, she said shaking her head, “It’s not going to rain today.  The weatherman said it would only be partly cloudy”

“Okay…” he said looking at the clouds, their appearance getting more menacing.

“How about this, if it actually does rain, I will give you head.  WHEN IT DOESN’T, you’ll have to give me an hour long foot massage.  Is it a deal?”, she asked

He looked to the sky again and stuck out his hand, “Deal!”

She shook his hand and they were in agreement, both believing they would each come out as the victor.  As they began their walk back to the parking spot, he wondering if he did a rain dance would it help his cause or would his extremely terrible dancing offended the gods and cause the dark skies to leave and the sun to appear.  He chuckled as they walked at a much slower pace than they started.  The terrain of this trail was better suited for walking in her condition.  The gravel crunched under their feet, the air temperature began to fall.

“It’s getting a little chilly”, she said rubbing her arms.

He put his arm around her, holding her close to give her warmth.  She closed her eyes, letting him guide her down the trail.  She loved how protected she felt in his arms, how all her worries would leave her at his touch.  The faint rumbles of thunder could heard in the distance.  He quickened their pace slightly.

“I thought you wanted it to rain?”, she asked

“Oh you know I do now but I don’t want to be in a thunderstorm surrounded by trees either”,  he responded.

The wind picked up, making the trees sway and dance all around.  The thunder clapped once more, closer and with more force.  She looked up at him, “I can jog to try to beat the storm”

“Let’s give it a try”, he said picking up speed.

Small droplets of rain fell gently from the sky.

“Looks like you’ve won the bet”, she said as they continued their jog

“Yep but I’m more concerned with getting caught in the middle of this storm on the trail”, he said

The rain picked up, gaining from a slight drizzle to a steady downpour.  The two of them maintained their brisk pace as the parking lot came into view.

“Almost there!”, he said excitedly.  A bolt of lightning cracked across the darkened sky, illuminating the area around them as the crashes of thunder shook the earth beneath them.  The rain eased up as they reached the pavement of the parking lot.  They were both soaking wet.

“Good thing I thought to bring us both spare clothes”, she said, happy that she wouldn’t have to ride home in wet ones.  He nodded in agreement, realizing the parking lot was completely empty.

“I’m glad everyone left”, he said, “I’m soaked to the bone and don’t think I’m graceful enough to change in the backseat.”

“You’re just going to change outside?” she asked

“Yeah, I’m just going to the side of the car away from the entrance in case someone pulls up”, he replied

“That’s actually not a bad idea”, she said

“You can just dressed in the car”, he told her.

“If you block and look out for me, I can do it quickly and not get water everywhere”, she told him

It made sense he thought so he told her okay and stood guard, placing her between himself and the open car door.  He turned his head to spy a quick glance.  She was bent at her waist, peeling her wet spandex pants off, her sexy naked ass pointed directly at him. He rested his palms on her nude cheeks, giving them a nice squeeze.

“I thought you were supposed to stand watch?” she asked as she finally got the spandex tights off.

“No one is around”, he said smiling as he continued to palm her ass.  She backed into him and slowly rubbed her as against him, then slid on a pair of sweatpants.

“You still need to get your wet clothes off too”, she told him.

He pulled off his shirt and was surprised to feel her fingers on his waistband, tugging his shorts down carefully.  She released the shorts at his ankles, then knelt before him holding his ever growing dick.  He hesitated slightly as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

“It rained and I always keep my word”, she said with a devilish smile.

interlude seven

“Unbelievable!”, he thought as he turned the dial to hot and steamy water fell from the shower head.  He couldn’t stop thinking the lady he met a mere twelve hours prior.  He stood under the water and closed his eyes, remembering every possible detail of the woman.  Her long dark hair, mesmerizing green eyes, her beautiful smile that brightened every room she walked into… and her breasts.  Her huge, soft, suck able breasts.  He smiled at the thought, his manhood rising in agreement.  Her breasts were as far as he was able to get with her last night.  She wouldn’t allow him to get any further but that was fine.  He hoped there would be many more chances to spend time with her, not just to explore her body but her mind as well.  Her shyness was most intriguing, like an ancient book in a foreign language; but throughout the evening, she opened up a little at a time exposing their commonalities in taste and cultures.  He found himself hanging onto her every word, not in a superficial sense but for once, he genuinely cared about what a woman had to say.  While their friends, the couple who’s home there were in, retired to their bedroom, he became more and more captivated by her. Their conversation continued and he found himself sharing intimate knowledge about his life with her as if they’d know each other all their lives.

The water continued to rain down upon him, the steam placing the room in a foggy haze.  He touched himself thinking about his raven haired beauty.  His pace quickened as he remembered the moment he took a chance and kissed her lips, hoping not to be smacked in the process.  She returned his kiss with one of her own, her lips soft and sweet.  Their kisses grew more and more passionate, the heat between them increased intensely.  He tried his luck again, placing his hands under her shirt, his thumbs on her stomach.  She politely whispered to him how it made her feel self conscious and he quickly apologized and stopped.  She smiled and thanked him for understanding.  She climbed off the couch and turned off the lights in the room  He watched her remove her shirt and bra as she walked back towards him in the faint light coming from a back bathroom.  She climbed back beside him, laying him down, his head resting on the arm of the couch.  Her huge breast dangled right in front of his nose.  She leaned forward, her breasts lightly rubbing his cheeks.  He could feel the growth in his jeans and knew she could feel it as well.  She moved her hips back and forth on him.  He held her breasts in place, kissing each of them, then giving them each a long lick.  He tried to slide his down her pants but was politely rebuffed.  He respected her and her decisions.  Girls he had been with in the past were easy, never told him no, but again, she was different.  Making him work for it was a new experience but he actually liked it. Without warning, there was a loud knock on the front door.  She grabbed her shirt and ran to the door.  His friend emerged from his bedroom, holding a large black pistol.  He checked the peephole and answered the door slowly.  It was his neighbor, drunk, and banging on the wrong door.  After shutting the door in his drunken neighbor’s face, his friend asked him where she went.

“She’s in the bathroom”, he stated in a matter of fact fashion.  His friend glanced at the couch and saw her bra half tucked under a cushion.

“Have fun”, he said with a wink

When she returned from the bathroom, the mood was no longer right so he allowed her to sleep on the couch while he sat on the floor and watched tv.  He left in morning before she woke, writing his number down in hopes to see her again soon.

He turned off the shower and began to dry himself off.  As he brushed his teeth, his phone beeped.  It was a message from her!

“I hoped to see you once I woke up but they said you had to leave.  I’d love to hang out again very soon! Tonight even! Call me”

He could barely contain his excitement!  He immediately called back, beginning his conversation; “Hey! Of course tonight works!…

interlude six


“You’ll have to get a strike to win the bet!”, he said laughing, “I don’t think you have it in you!”

“What’s the bet?” asked his friend leaning on the score machine.

“Oh nothing”, he replied, “Loser buys the winner a shot”

She held the ball like she was concentrating on the perfect roll down the lane.

“I thought he was really going to tell him about our bet” she said to herself.  There was more at stake than just a shot of alcohol.  They had had met through mutual friends a few weeks earlier and this was their second outing together.  He, being way more flirtatious than she, joking suggested that if he were to win a game of bowling on their next date, he’d get 30 minutes alone with her in the backseat of his car.  If he lost, only five minutes.  She, a very competitive person by nature, accepted the bet knowing she would throw the game on purpose.  From the day they first met, she wanted him.  Their first date was among a group of his friends but every hug, light touch, and graze against her body he would do drove her wild.  She would lose herself in daydreams about his touch all over her.  This bet, even though they were bowling with friends, was perfect.  She steadied the eight pound ball in her hands and released it down the lane.  She had bowled since she was a small child, a fact she conveniently forgot to mention to him, and knew she could easily beat him.  She also knew that she hooked that last roll and would be lucky if she hit one pin.

“Ha! Straight to the gutter!” he laughed, “I won!”

“Yeah, you won alright” she thought to herself, smiling

“Once everyone is done playing, we’re going to that club downtown” his friend told him

“Cool, we’re probably going to head over now since we’re already finished” he told him.  She outwardly put up the front of a sore loser as she climbed into his car but inside she was giddy with excitement over what was soon to come.  In their pre date text messages, she playfully haggled with him over what exactly would happen in his backseat.  They settled on, in his words, “heavy petting, sucking on titties, and maybe sliding a finger down your pants”

She would have probably agreed to anything he said but she didn’t want to seem overeager.  She did love how they would banter back and forth, their senses of humor opposite at times but still fitting together like puzzle pieces.  As they approached the club, he made the turn into a mostly empty parking garage.  The night was still young.  He drove to its second highest level, turning the car off next to a large pillar.  He turned to her and asked, “Are you ready to pay up?”

She leaned over the gearshift and kissed him.

“Yes”, she replied

They reconvened to the backseat.  He wasted no time collecting his debt as she wasted no time paying it out.  His kisses were better than she imagined they would be as he held her close.  His warm hands quietly roved beneath her jacket then under her shirt; giving her a tingling sensation that ran through her entire body.  She rested her hand on his thigh, causally moving her fingers closer to his hip.  She knew this wasn’t part of the bet and she was sure he wouldn’t mind at all.  His eager hands cupped her breasts over her bra.

“Just take it off me”, she said wanting his touch on her bare skin.  He unclasped her bra and she removed it, her shirt, and jacket.  Her back arched as he held both hands breasts together, greedily sucking on them.  Her breath deepened as he continued giving her breasts his full attention.  She leaned her body back, resting her head against the door’s window.  He held her waist as he played with her nipples with his excited tongue.  Her vagina filled with moisture due to her own arousal and knowing he would want to explore there as well.  She wanted to explore him too, grabbing his belt loops and pulling herself forward.  Her hand slipped from the loop and landed directly on his crotch.  She could feel his bulge, the shock of the touch causing it to jump.

“Hey now!”, he said surprised.  She pressed her palm down slightly, trying to get an idea of his size.

“You’re pushing the zipper into it,” he said smiling and moving her hand away.  He laid back, opening his belt then unzipping his pants.  She reached into his boxers, pulling out his semi erect penis.  It hardened as she wrapped her fingers around it.  He exhaled deeply while she rubbed up and down on his shaft with one hand, his head with the other hand.  She loved his reaction to her touch but needed to feel his more.  She kissed him deeply as she stroked him then released his penis.  She scooted back against the door and arched her body up to remove her pants.  She then took his hand and placed it on top of her panties.

“A bet’s a bet” she said making her voice sound as seductive as she could.  He slid his hand down, spreading her open and inserting a finger.  She sighed deeply, relaxing herself as he added another finger to his penetration.  She bit her lip and closed her eyes, enjoying every second.  He stopped abruptly as the sounds of multiple cars driving and parking filled the air.  The solitude of the garage get away was over as the downtown party scene suddenly came alive

interlude five


She read and reread his messages as she laid on the bed.  She longed for his touch, wished he were lying next to her instead of sitting on plane travelling to see a friend across the nation.  She contemplated texting him now, letting him know how wet she was thinking about him, maybe send a photo to surprise him at the airport.  He would totally love that she thought but truthfully that wouldn’t be her at all.  That could be why they worked so well together.  She is nothing like the other women she’d known him to be with.  She didn’t throw herself at him like the women at the restaurant he managed.  On the off nights he would also bartend, having his pick of any of the scantily clad, inebriated college girls and middle aged women on a “Girls Night Out”.  She heard the rumors of how big a player he really was but none of that mattered since that first night they flirted with each other and ended the night in the back seat of his car. Oh what great memories running through her mind. She had never done anything like that before but the vodka cranberries he continuously fed her and the luxuriously spacious backseat of huge BMW loosened her inhibitions.

She thought about that night as lay on the bed.  Remembering the weight of his body on hers, the gentle way he brushed the hair out of her face while they kissed.  She hated how the night ended with the sounds of a brawl between drunk bar patrons in the parking lot.  She rolled onto to her stomach, groaning softly and burying her face in her pillow as more memories floated across her eyes.

She didn’t get the happy reception from her friends she thought she would receive after she told them about her late night tryst.  Instead of cat calls and “Go Girl’s!”, her friends were much more cautious; warning her to be careful and bringing up those “He’s just a player” rumors.

“They are just jealous that the sexiest man in town wants me and not them”, she would think to herself.  They didn’t know about the sweet texts he would send her, how he made her feel like she’s the only one in the room when she would visit him at work.  That was something her friends warned her about.  They were suspicious as to why he would only she her at the restaurant.  She tried to assure her friends it was because he was very busy and how their schedules conflicted all the time.  There were times she had to reassure herself that her friends weren’t telling the truth after communication between the two stopped for a few days.  When a message finally came across her screen from him, she squealed with delight.  He went on a camping trip and his phone fell in the river.  She was so excited to hear from him, every word she read was pure gold.  He told her they were short staffed and he would be bartending latter that night if she’d like to come see him.  She told him he would definitely see him later and set off to put together the sexiest outfit she could.

“Wow!”, he exclaimed as she walked up to the bar and took a seat, “Look at you!”

She smiled as he came from behind the bar to give her a hug.  He smelled incredible but as she leaned in for a kiss, he turned her in a circle instead; saying “Let me get a whole look at you”

She had on a low v neck sleeveless shirt under her leather jacket and a jean skirt.  The skirt was a little shorter than she normally wore but with all the attention she was getting from both him and other men in the restaurant, it was well worth it.  That night was extremely busy, they barely had much time to talk as she sat at the bar, throwing back the vodka cranberries he never let go empty in front of her.  Even though they weren’t spending much time together, she was hardly alone.  Every man who sat or walked by the bar sized her up, offering everything from buying her drinks to trying to get her to spend the night with them.  The attention was absolutely amazing to her.  Normally, she would be sitting with her friends, making snide comments and the ladies who all the men were falling over.  Now she was the center of it all!  He must have noticed too, finding more time to give to her.

“I’m going on a break, would you care to join me at a table?” he asked wiping his hands on a towel.

“Of course!”, she replied walking with him to a wrap around booth in a back corner of the building.  As busy as the place was, this back corner area with two other wrap around booths weren’t used.  They were almost completely alone.  He slid into the booth and held his hand out to help her in too.  Her skirt rose up as she attempted to slide closer, exposing her lace panties.

“Ooh, red is my favorite color!”, he said excitedly.  She blushed, trying to pull her skirt back down.

“You don’t have to worry about that”, he said leaning closer to her, placing a hand on her thigh; “No one will be coming back here tonight.  We have this area all to ourselves.”  She smiled and he kissed her gently on her lips, his hand slowly crept up her thigh, reaching the edge of her panties resting on her hip  She squirmed a little, feeling his fingers that close to her folds but thought, “Just relax, he said we’re alone back here.  Just go with it.”  Those vodka cranberries really brought out another side of her.

“Perhaps its for the best” she thought, “If I acted like I normally do, I wouldn’t be here with him right now.”  She readjusted her hips, opening her legs a bit more.  His fingers began to rub the top of her mound, he inserted one into her; her vagina tightening around it.

“Relax”, he said kissing her deeply, his tongue wrestling with hers.  She opened her legs more, allowing the entire length of his finger to penetrate.  He added another finger into her, stroking her while rubbing her clit with his thumb.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her breathing got heavier.  She couldn’t believe how great this felt but at the same time, she couldn’t believe she was allowing someone to finger her in a public restaurant.  She quickly came back to reality and scanned the area.

“I told you we’re alone back here”, he said as he kissed her, “You know what, lets go to my back office; You’ll be more comfortable there”  She nodded in agreement as he gave her one last kiss.  He told her to follow him as he slid out of the booth.  She removed her soaked panties and threw them in a small pocket in her purse before she left the booth.  Once they reached his office, he locked the door behind them.  He grabbed her by the waist, picking her up from the ground and placed her on his desk.. His strength aroused her more, anticipating what we would do next.  He placed his hands on her knees, parting her legs then unshackled his belt.  His pants fell to his ankles as he reached for a small box on the desk, retrieving a condom from it.  She watched as lowered his boxers and rolled the condom onto his erection.  He wasn’t as big as she thought he’d be.  For all the rumors and stories she heard about him, the penis of the “ultimate ladies man” was disappointingly average in size.  He eased himself into her, her wetness allowed him to enter her completely.  He picked her legs, placing them around his waist and began to thrust.  Pumping himself into her as she moaned uncontrollably, her body shaking in pure pleasure.  He stopped suddenly and picked her up off the desk, turned her around and bent her over it. He parted her legs, rubbing his dick up and down her slit before entering her from behind.

“Shit!”, she mooned as he jabbed his dick into her, harder and harder with each stroke.

“OH MY GOD”, she screamed as his pumps gained in speed.  He began to grunt as he finished inside her, his body tense.


Her phone brought her back to reality but her excitement for a text faded as it wasn’t a message from him.  These flashbacks of their past encounters weren’t helping matters much, her mind knew she couldn’t see him in person today but her body ached, needing release.  She rolled over to the other side of the bed, grabbing a back massager from under her boxspring.  She read in one of those checkout counter magazines that those massagers make great vibrators for ladies too embarrassed to purchase an actual one.  She removed her shirt and pants, placing the massager on its medium setting, gently running it down her chest and stomach, resting it just above her clit.  She breathed deep, content that her itch would soon be scratched.  As she use the massager to explore her essence, closing eyes and imagining it were his touch and not a machine’s.  She eased into a steady rhythm, griping her breasts as she held the massager in place.


“Whoever that is will have to wait”, she thought, “but what if it were him?”  She reached out for her phone, trying not to disrupt her pleasure.

“Just got in.  I’ll call you once I get to the hotel” the message read

She smiled, “That’ll give me time to finish up

“the pastor”

She listened intently, hanging onto every word that he spoke.  Each syllable meant only for her.  The church was packed that Saturday evening, the minister preaching the word of happiness and not to fall into the sins of the flesh.  His flesh was all she could think of as she watched him walk back and forth across the stage, voicing his sermon with a wireless microphone.  Her mind couldn’t help but replay their encounter from earlier that morning.  He called her to his office, a place she visited quite frequently at this point.  He was overly stressed by his marriage to woman he was no longer in love with.  “Jesus has shown me where the heart of my true love resides”, he told her often.  Reassuring her that they would be married once his impending divorce was final.  “She’s trying to destroy me”, he yelled pounding his hands on his desk, “She wants my money, my house, everything if we go through with this divorce and if I don’t go along like she wants she says she’ll destroy my church and reputation!”  He buried his head in hands, sobbing quietly.  She left her seat and walked around the desk to console him. “It will be fine”, she said calmly, “The Lord wants US to be together and HE will provide a way.”  He pulled her in close, sitting her on his lap.  He rubbed the stubble from his unshaven face against her arm, taking in her aroma.  “Yes! You’re wearing the perfume I bought you!”, he said excitedly. “I am!”, she said smiling, “The one said reminded you of fresh wildflowers.”  “You’re my fresh wildflower”, he told her as he kissed her lips.  She leaned into him, wanting more, biting his bottom lip.  She loved when he called her his “fresh wild flower”.

She always enjoyed his company, being in his presence since she first attended the church.  He was her youth pastor when they first met and she was a quiet demur 13 year old longing for something to belong to.  All of her friends looked up to him.  He made church fun, he was the “cool” pastor.  Church became a daily occurrence for her and her friends, hanging out at the youth ministry after school, attending services every Wednesday and Saturday evening. He was like everyone’s older brother, always making himself available if they needed to talk or had issues of concern.  Even at that age, she knew he was exactly the type of man she wanted to marry.  As she grew a little older, her feelings for him gained strength and frightened her.  She knew of the sin of lust and the commandment not to covet another’s spouse but she couldn’t stop thinking about him  She knew he thought about her too from how he would always comment on what she was wearing or how beautiful she was and how her body was becoming more adult like.  He was careful to only say those things to her when they were alone, telling her someone else would take his compliments out of context.  She felt so torn by her feelings couldn’t let anyone know about it.  If she told her mom or friends, they would think of her, calling her a whore and a sinner because of her impure thoughts. She couldn’t tell him for the fear of the same thing, but what if he felt the same way about her?  She knew he couldn’t admit it with him being married with children and her only 16.  She decided it would be best if she backed away from him a bit. Maybe these are just feelings of puppy love she thought.  She tried dating boys her own age, finding herself actually getting close to one young man. A young man with whom she shared her first kiss with following a Friday night date.  The pastor asked her stay after youth ministry that next Saturday.  He was troubled by rumors he had heard and why it appeared they didn’t communicate anymore. He told her he heard about her new boyfriend and that they were engaging in inappropriate acts. How he wished she trusted him enough to confide in him, allow him to get her back on the right track towards Jesus.  “It was just one kiss”, she said tears streaming down her face as he continued his lecture.  He had never spoken so sternly to her before, asserting his authority.  She felt tingle throughout her body, his tone of voice excited her.  He told her about his time as a musician before the ministry, how women threw themselves at him, lust causing him to have a child out of wedlock, how the Lord found him and delivered him from the destructive path he was careening down.  He didn’t want her to fall down a similar road at an early age.  “You’re my fresh wild flower and I don’t want some horny teenager just plucking you and discarding you.  You are too wonderful, beautiful and amazing to be with anyone who truly doesn’t feel that way about you and you mean to much to me for me to allow it to happen”, he said.  “MY fresh wild flower”, that resonated in her ears.  Was it a slip of the tongue that he said she was “His” fresh wild flower.  He did say how much she meant to him.  She was so confused as he continued talking.  Her past feelings about him flooded back, growing even stronger with his new authoritative tone.  She knew it was sinful to feel that way but she wanted him to control her, to order her around.  No boy her age could make her feel the way he did.  She wanted to surrender her mind and body to him.  Not only was he older but more experienced, wise to both the world of religion and the secular world.  She snapped out of her thoughts when he asked if he could tell her something that could only stay between the two of them.  The hair on her arms stood up in anticipation of what he would say next.  Maybe he was going to profess his love for her.  She would most certainly hold that secret away from the world.  “My wife and I are going through marriage counseling.  I don’t foresee us working out, mostly because in my heart I know that I don’t love her.  I love our son and she does great with my other kids but I don’t have any feelings of love towards her in my heart.  I’ve prayed and prayed, asking the Lord for guidance and forgiveness and I decided to try counseling to keep my family together for the sake of the church and the children.  I couldn’t handle the church thinking less of me because of a divorce.  It’s just starting to feel like I’m losing everything.”  She reached out and held his hands, “You’ll always have”, she told him looking straight into his eyes.  “I really appreciate that” he said returning her smile and squeezing her hands slightly.  As she left his office, he hugged her goodbye.  Not the regular one armed “Bro” hugs he usually gave her but he held her tightly at the waist.  She lost herself into him as they embraced.  His strong arms and soft hands felt like heaven holding her.  She didn’t want the hug to end as she felt a twitch in his pants below his belt.  She wasn’t sure if it were his phone or his penis until he released quickly, said goodbye and returned to his seat behind the desk.  She blushed as she walked out of the church.  The feelings of lust for him taking over.  They resumed their daily communication and she stopped dating anyone at his request.  Her parents would ask why she wouldn’t go out with friends more or entertain one of the many boys who would call the house to speak with her.  She always responded with “I’m concentrating only school and church.”  There was no ‘boy’ she had any interest in.  The problem was he was still in an increasing unhappy marriage, but every time they spoke of his situation he would say how he continues to pray for guidance but just wanted to walk away. He and his wife maintained public appearances but lived in separate bedrooms.  He took her to dinner a few days after her 18th birthday to celebrate her official entry into adulthood.  She was extremely excited to share the news she had received earlier that day.  She had been accepted to State University, her top choice for college.  He was less than enthusiastic about her good news.  He explained why she should attend school at the local college.  There would be less opportunities for raucous parties and lecherous boys.  More importantly, he needed her close to “be his rock.”  She told him she’d think about it, not wanting to stop her dream of college but not wanting to disappoint him either.  He walked her to her car following dinner and they hugged, holding each tightly.  He leaned don and kissed her lips telling her good night.  She stood there in shocked silence.  Her youth pastor, confidant, and a man she harbored a secret crush for kissed her.  She opened her car door and just sat down, trying to process what just happened.  It was straight from a dream, his lips felt like they were made for hers.  She also felt a sense of fear.  What if someone saw them?  What scandal would come from this?  She wondered this as she sat motionless in the driver’s seat of her car.  She laid in bed that night, unable to sleep.  Her mind pulled in a million different direction, always returning to that kiss.  It’s fresh memory caused goose bumps throughout her body.  She wanted more and knew he wanted her too.  She put her face in her pillow, hoping to force herself to sleep.  He texted her in the morning, asking her to stop by his office in the afternoon as he prepared for the evening’s sermon.  He greeted her at his office door, helping her to the seat in front of his desk.  “I am so sorry about my actions last night”, he began his face a bright red, “My emotions took over and I…I lost control.”  He rested a hand on her shoulder. “I never meant to cause you any harm or pain.  Whenever I pray about own marriage and ask the Lord where does my heart belong with, he would present an image…an image of you…”  Her heart skipped a beat.  “The Lord believes his heart belongs to me!”, she thought to herself giddily.  She stood up from the chair, stopping him from speaking.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed her lips against his. Engaging in a passionate embrace, he sat her on top of the desk, moving to her neck from her lips, hungrily nibbling on her.  His phone rang, promptly ending their fun.  He took the call, discussing the business of the church.  She adjusted her clothes and hair, blowing him a kiss as she left.  She felt like a woman as she walked away from his office and even if it had to be a secret for now, she knew she had her man.  With only one month until graduation and the complete shock of her parents, she decided to attend the local college instead of accepting the offer from State University.  She told anyone who would listen that she wasn’t ready to leave town and be on her own yet.  Her parents had suspicions that the pastor talked her out of it.  They had no reason to think the pastor had ill intentions for their daughter so they just put their thoughts in the back of their minds.  She continued meeting the pastor for their clandestine visits in his office, making out together, engaging in some touching but never below the belt.  Graduation day had finally arrived and it was a joyous occasion for all.  After spending the day with family, she told them she was going to stay the night a friend’s house.  In reality, she drove to the next time over where he was waiting for her in a motel room.  They had talked about this night for the last two weeks.  He and his wife went public about their separation and he moved out of the house.  The congregation was surprising sympathetic towards him, probably due to constant rumors of his wife’s alleged infidelities. He didn’t help spread those rumors but he also didn’t do much to stop them. Even with his own apartment, he felt it would be best for them to not be in town if they wanted to meet up.  The nerves in her stomach pulsed as she parked her car in front of the motel room.  She looked around the parking lot as she lightly tapped on the door. He quickly open it, ushering her inside.  She sat on the edge of the bed and he joined her, giving her a kiss.  “So it begins” she thought nervously, “Maybe this would be the best way, just jump right in.”  As their kisses continued, he removed her shirt and bra.  Her peach nipples wee erect as he cupped her breasts.  He moved his mouth to them, greedily sucking on them both.  The area between her legs moistened creating an entirely new sensation.  She couldn’t help herself from moaning loudly as her fingers down her stomach and to the top of her pants.  She laid back on the bed a little, opening her legs as he unbutton her jeans and pulled the zipper down.  His hand slid down her pants, feeling her wetness.  She jumped at his touch, her mind adjusting to having someone other than herself to touch her there.  His fingers found her opening, slowly penetrating it.  She put her head on his chest, releasing moan after until her voice gave out.  He removed his hands from her warm crotch, easing her pants and underwear off her body.  She laid there more nervous than ever.  She was completely naked on the bed in the motel and her youth pastor was currently removing his underwear and rolling a condom down the shaft of his penis.  For a long as she held a crush for him, she never honestly expected that the first time she’d have sex would be with him. She closed her eyes as he climbed on top her, slowly entering her body.

Interlude Four

She peeled apart the packaging and the handle in her hand. She’d never owned any type of sex toy before and without winning a raffle at the party, she still wouldn’t own one. She slid the toy’s power button from off to its lowest setting, causing the orb on the end of the cord to vibrate slightly. 

“This is the number one selling toy?”, she wondered aloud as she gradually ran the toy through its five available speeds. 

“Someone’s ready to go!”, he said walking into the bedroom

“I guess, if I end up not liking it at least I didn’t pay for it”, she replied

His phone rang from his pocket. He checked it, looked up and “I have to take this I promise I won’t be long”

“Okay”, she sighed

He had become notorious for long work calls at home. She looked at the toy in her hand and thought there’s no sense in waiting. She removed her clothing and threw back the covers on the bed. She could still hear him discussing facts, figures, distribution schedules and the like so she knew it would still be a very long wait. She sat on the bed and nestled the chrome orb near her clit. The cold metal felt surprisingly good inside her ever warming folds. She turned the vibration to its lowest setting again, creating a minimal steady rhythm. 

“Ooh”, she whimpered, the toy causing her unexpected pleasure. She slid the button up the third vibration setting, rapidly increasing the speed of the orb. She released a low growl, squeezing her legs together tightly, keeping the orb in place. She understood now why this was the most popular toy. She dropped the handle beside her, needing both hands to fondle her breasts and erect nipples. 

“Hey! I thought you were going to wait for me?!”, he teased rushing back into the room; hurriedly removing his clothes. His dick grew larger as he rubbed it while walking towards her on the bed. 

“Just…sit…”, she said barely able to get the words out. Her face flushed as the orb’s vibrating pulse sent shockwaves throughout her being. Her body shook uncontrollably, following the direction of the orb and nothing else. She has never experienced anything like this before. He sat there, mesmerized, stroking his dick as he watched; waiting for an opportunity to join in. Her body slowed its motion and her eyes met his

“Come…here…”, she whispered