Interlude One

The full moon reflected brightly through the partially opened blinds. The moonlight illuminated her nude body as she stood above him, nervous as her body lowered onto his. He held her hips, feeling a slight tremble throughout her being. 

“Are you okay?”, he asked

“Yes”, she replied leaning forward and kissing his lips 

She felt his manhood shift between her legs as they embraced. She longed for him to be inside her but was unsure as she never seen, touched, or felt a member of his size. The individuals she had been with in the past were mere boys in comparison. He was a man. She grew wet with anticipation. Her womanhood wanted to be penetrated by him. She kissed him deeply one last time, gently biting his lip as they finished. She then lifted her leg, reached down and careful picked up his erection. It was heavy in her hand and she could feel it pulse as she held it. She rubbed the thick head against her mound, her moisture growing as she placed it in her opening. He raised his hips as she lowered hers, entering her slowly; carefully. She released a loud whimper as he continued his motion; raising and lowering his hips, his penis getting deeper and deeper into her essence. 

“Is it too much?” He asked

“No…No…”, she said between moans, “Keep going please”


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