Interlude Three

He laid her down with a kiss. She wanted him to stay there, kissing him again; her hands on his face. He looked into her eyes and smiled, moving her hands from his face and rested them above her head. He then kissed her chin and down her neck and collarbone. Each kiss like a footprint down a beautifully curvy path. He stopped at her breasts, giving each gentle care and deep kisses. Her body squirming in enjoyment as he ran his tongue around her pink areolas, biting her nipples. He kissed her sternum and continued on his path of kisses, lowering himself with each touch of his lips to her skin. She moaned happily with each kiss, the sound getting deeper the closer to her center he got. He reached the top of her clitoral hood and hesitated slightly, thinking she would stop him. He heard no such protest so he held her hips and buried his face into her labia. Her body jerked as his tongue darted amongst her folds, resting on her engorged clit. 

“Oh Oh Oh”, she stuttered as he placed his lips on her button and began to suck softly, then with more pressure. While holding it with his lips, he then started to jab her clit with his tongue. She screamed in ecstasy as his tongue moved more rapidly about her clit and inner folds. He could taste her nectar, her moisture filled every crevice. She grabbed her breast, squeezing her nipple with one hand while grabbing his hair, holding his head steady as her body

“I’m I’m I’m I…” She repeated until sound no longer came from her voice. He knew he just achieved his goal but saw no point in stopping there


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