Interlude Four

She peeled apart the packaging and the handle in her hand. She’d never owned any type of sex toy before and without winning a raffle at the party, she still wouldn’t own one. She slid the toy’s power button from off to its lowest setting, causing the orb on the end of the cord to vibrate slightly. 

“This is the number one selling toy?”, she wondered aloud as she gradually ran the toy through its five available speeds. 

“Someone’s ready to go!”, he said walking into the bedroom

“I guess, if I end up not liking it at least I didn’t pay for it”, she replied

His phone rang from his pocket. He checked it, looked up and “I have to take this I promise I won’t be long”

“Okay”, she sighed

He had become notorious for long work calls at home. She looked at the toy in her hand and thought there’s no sense in waiting. She removed her clothing and threw back the covers on the bed. She could still hear him discussing facts, figures, distribution schedules and the like so she knew it would still be a very long wait. She sat on the bed and nestled the chrome orb near her clit. The cold metal felt surprisingly good inside her ever warming folds. She turned the vibration to its lowest setting again, creating a minimal steady rhythm. 

“Ooh”, she whimpered, the toy causing her unexpected pleasure. She slid the button up the third vibration setting, rapidly increasing the speed of the orb. She released a low growl, squeezing her legs together tightly, keeping the orb in place. She understood now why this was the most popular toy. She dropped the handle beside her, needing both hands to fondle her breasts and erect nipples. 

“Hey! I thought you were going to wait for me?!”, he teased rushing back into the room; hurriedly removing his clothes. His dick grew larger as he rubbed it while walking towards her on the bed. 

“Just…sit…”, she said barely able to get the words out. Her face flushed as the orb’s vibrating pulse sent shockwaves throughout her being. Her body shook uncontrollably, following the direction of the orb and nothing else. She has never experienced anything like this before. He sat there, mesmerized, stroking his dick as he watched; waiting for an opportunity to join in. Her body slowed its motion and her eyes met his

“Come…here…”, she whispered 


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