interlude five


She read and reread his messages as she laid on the bed.  She longed for his touch, wished he were lying next to her instead of sitting on plane travelling to see a friend across the nation.  She contemplated texting him now, letting him know how wet she was thinking about him, maybe send a photo to surprise him at the airport.  He would totally love that she thought but truthfully that wouldn’t be her at all.  That could be why they worked so well together.  She is nothing like the other women she’d known him to be with.  She didn’t throw herself at him like the women at the restaurant he managed.  On the off nights he would also bartend, having his pick of any of the scantily clad, inebriated college girls and middle aged women on a “Girls Night Out”.  She heard the rumors of how big a player he really was but none of that mattered since that first night they flirted with each other and ended the night in the back seat of his car. Oh what great memories running through her mind. She had never done anything like that before but the vodka cranberries he continuously fed her and the luxuriously spacious backseat of huge BMW loosened her inhibitions.

She thought about that night as lay on the bed.  Remembering the weight of his body on hers, the gentle way he brushed the hair out of her face while they kissed.  She hated how the night ended with the sounds of a brawl between drunk bar patrons in the parking lot.  She rolled onto to her stomach, groaning softly and burying her face in her pillow as more memories floated across her eyes.

She didn’t get the happy reception from her friends she thought she would receive after she told them about her late night tryst.  Instead of cat calls and “Go Girl’s!”, her friends were much more cautious; warning her to be careful and bringing up those “He’s just a player” rumors.

“They are just jealous that the sexiest man in town wants me and not them”, she would think to herself.  They didn’t know about the sweet texts he would send her, how he made her feel like she’s the only one in the room when she would visit him at work.  That was something her friends warned her about.  They were suspicious as to why he would only she her at the restaurant.  She tried to assure her friends it was because he was very busy and how their schedules conflicted all the time.  There were times she had to reassure herself that her friends weren’t telling the truth after communication between the two stopped for a few days.  When a message finally came across her screen from him, she squealed with delight.  He went on a camping trip and his phone fell in the river.  She was so excited to hear from him, every word she read was pure gold.  He told her they were short staffed and he would be bartending latter that night if she’d like to come see him.  She told him he would definitely see him later and set off to put together the sexiest outfit she could.

“Wow!”, he exclaimed as she walked up to the bar and took a seat, “Look at you!”

She smiled as he came from behind the bar to give her a hug.  He smelled incredible but as she leaned in for a kiss, he turned her in a circle instead; saying “Let me get a whole look at you”

She had on a low v neck sleeveless shirt under her leather jacket and a jean skirt.  The skirt was a little shorter than she normally wore but with all the attention she was getting from both him and other men in the restaurant, it was well worth it.  That night was extremely busy, they barely had much time to talk as she sat at the bar, throwing back the vodka cranberries he never let go empty in front of her.  Even though they weren’t spending much time together, she was hardly alone.  Every man who sat or walked by the bar sized her up, offering everything from buying her drinks to trying to get her to spend the night with them.  The attention was absolutely amazing to her.  Normally, she would be sitting with her friends, making snide comments and the ladies who all the men were falling over.  Now she was the center of it all!  He must have noticed too, finding more time to give to her.

“I’m going on a break, would you care to join me at a table?” he asked wiping his hands on a towel.

“Of course!”, she replied walking with him to a wrap around booth in a back corner of the building.  As busy as the place was, this back corner area with two other wrap around booths weren’t used.  They were almost completely alone.  He slid into the booth and held his hand out to help her in too.  Her skirt rose up as she attempted to slide closer, exposing her lace panties.

“Ooh, red is my favorite color!”, he said excitedly.  She blushed, trying to pull her skirt back down.

“You don’t have to worry about that”, he said leaning closer to her, placing a hand on her thigh; “No one will be coming back here tonight.  We have this area all to ourselves.”  She smiled and he kissed her gently on her lips, his hand slowly crept up her thigh, reaching the edge of her panties resting on her hip  She squirmed a little, feeling his fingers that close to her folds but thought, “Just relax, he said we’re alone back here.  Just go with it.”  Those vodka cranberries really brought out another side of her.

“Perhaps its for the best” she thought, “If I acted like I normally do, I wouldn’t be here with him right now.”  She readjusted her hips, opening her legs a bit more.  His fingers began to rub the top of her mound, he inserted one into her; her vagina tightening around it.

“Relax”, he said kissing her deeply, his tongue wrestling with hers.  She opened her legs more, allowing the entire length of his finger to penetrate.  He added another finger into her, stroking her while rubbing her clit with his thumb.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her breathing got heavier.  She couldn’t believe how great this felt but at the same time, she couldn’t believe she was allowing someone to finger her in a public restaurant.  She quickly came back to reality and scanned the area.

“I told you we’re alone back here”, he said as he kissed her, “You know what, lets go to my back office; You’ll be more comfortable there”  She nodded in agreement as he gave her one last kiss.  He told her to follow him as he slid out of the booth.  She removed her soaked panties and threw them in a small pocket in her purse before she left the booth.  Once they reached his office, he locked the door behind them.  He grabbed her by the waist, picking her up from the ground and placed her on his desk.. His strength aroused her more, anticipating what we would do next.  He placed his hands on her knees, parting her legs then unshackled his belt.  His pants fell to his ankles as he reached for a small box on the desk, retrieving a condom from it.  She watched as lowered his boxers and rolled the condom onto his erection.  He wasn’t as big as she thought he’d be.  For all the rumors and stories she heard about him, the penis of the “ultimate ladies man” was disappointingly average in size.  He eased himself into her, her wetness allowed him to enter her completely.  He picked her legs, placing them around his waist and began to thrust.  Pumping himself into her as she moaned uncontrollably, her body shaking in pure pleasure.  He stopped suddenly and picked her up off the desk, turned her around and bent her over it. He parted her legs, rubbing his dick up and down her slit before entering her from behind.

“Shit!”, she mooned as he jabbed his dick into her, harder and harder with each stroke.

“OH MY GOD”, she screamed as his pumps gained in speed.  He began to grunt as he finished inside her, his body tense.


Her phone brought her back to reality but her excitement for a text faded as it wasn’t a message from him.  These flashbacks of their past encounters weren’t helping matters much, her mind knew she couldn’t see him in person today but her body ached, needing release.  She rolled over to the other side of the bed, grabbing a back massager from under her boxspring.  She read in one of those checkout counter magazines that those massagers make great vibrators for ladies too embarrassed to purchase an actual one.  She removed her shirt and pants, placing the massager on its medium setting, gently running it down her chest and stomach, resting it just above her clit.  She breathed deep, content that her itch would soon be scratched.  As she use the massager to explore her essence, closing eyes and imagining it were his touch and not a machine’s.  She eased into a steady rhythm, griping her breasts as she held the massager in place.


“Whoever that is will have to wait”, she thought, “but what if it were him?”  She reached out for her phone, trying not to disrupt her pleasure.

“Just got in.  I’ll call you once I get to the hotel” the message read

She smiled, “That’ll give me time to finish up


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