interlude six


“You’ll have to get a strike to win the bet!”, he said laughing, “I don’t think you have it in you!”

“What’s the bet?” asked his friend leaning on the score machine.

“Oh nothing”, he replied, “Loser buys the winner a shot”

She held the ball like she was concentrating on the perfect roll down the lane.

“I thought he was really going to tell him about our bet” she said to herself.  There was more at stake than just a shot of alcohol.  They had had met through mutual friends a few weeks earlier and this was their second outing together.  He, being way more flirtatious than she, joking suggested that if he were to win a game of bowling on their next date, he’d get 30 minutes alone with her in the backseat of his car.  If he lost, only five minutes.  She, a very competitive person by nature, accepted the bet knowing she would throw the game on purpose.  From the day they first met, she wanted him.  Their first date was among a group of his friends but every hug, light touch, and graze against her body he would do drove her wild.  She would lose herself in daydreams about his touch all over her.  This bet, even though they were bowling with friends, was perfect.  She steadied the eight pound ball in her hands and released it down the lane.  She had bowled since she was a small child, a fact she conveniently forgot to mention to him, and knew she could easily beat him.  She also knew that she hooked that last roll and would be lucky if she hit one pin.

“Ha! Straight to the gutter!” he laughed, “I won!”

“Yeah, you won alright” she thought to herself, smiling

“Once everyone is done playing, we’re going to that club downtown” his friend told him

“Cool, we’re probably going to head over now since we’re already finished” he told him.  She outwardly put up the front of a sore loser as she climbed into his car but inside she was giddy with excitement over what was soon to come.  In their pre date text messages, she playfully haggled with him over what exactly would happen in his backseat.  They settled on, in his words, “heavy petting, sucking on titties, and maybe sliding a finger down your pants”

She would have probably agreed to anything he said but she didn’t want to seem overeager.  She did love how they would banter back and forth, their senses of humor opposite at times but still fitting together like puzzle pieces.  As they approached the club, he made the turn into a mostly empty parking garage.  The night was still young.  He drove to its second highest level, turning the car off next to a large pillar.  He turned to her and asked, “Are you ready to pay up?”

She leaned over the gearshift and kissed him.

“Yes”, she replied

They reconvened to the backseat.  He wasted no time collecting his debt as she wasted no time paying it out.  His kisses were better than she imagined they would be as he held her close.  His warm hands quietly roved beneath her jacket then under her shirt; giving her a tingling sensation that ran through her entire body.  She rested her hand on his thigh, causally moving her fingers closer to his hip.  She knew this wasn’t part of the bet and she was sure he wouldn’t mind at all.  His eager hands cupped her breasts over her bra.

“Just take it off me”, she said wanting his touch on her bare skin.  He unclasped her bra and she removed it, her shirt, and jacket.  Her back arched as he held both hands breasts together, greedily sucking on them.  Her breath deepened as he continued giving her breasts his full attention.  She leaned her body back, resting her head against the door’s window.  He held her waist as he played with her nipples with his excited tongue.  Her vagina filled with moisture due to her own arousal and knowing he would want to explore there as well.  She wanted to explore him too, grabbing his belt loops and pulling herself forward.  Her hand slipped from the loop and landed directly on his crotch.  She could feel his bulge, the shock of the touch causing it to jump.

“Hey now!”, he said surprised.  She pressed her palm down slightly, trying to get an idea of his size.

“You’re pushing the zipper into it,” he said smiling and moving her hand away.  He laid back, opening his belt then unzipping his pants.  She reached into his boxers, pulling out his semi erect penis.  It hardened as she wrapped her fingers around it.  He exhaled deeply while she rubbed up and down on his shaft with one hand, his head with the other hand.  She loved his reaction to her touch but needed to feel his more.  She kissed him deeply as she stroked him then released his penis.  She scooted back against the door and arched her body up to remove her pants.  She then took his hand and placed it on top of her panties.

“A bet’s a bet” she said making her voice sound as seductive as she could.  He slid his hand down, spreading her open and inserting a finger.  She sighed deeply, relaxing herself as he added another finger to his penetration.  She bit her lip and closed her eyes, enjoying every second.  He stopped abruptly as the sounds of multiple cars driving and parking filled the air.  The solitude of the garage get away was over as the downtown party scene suddenly came alive


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