interlude seven

“Unbelievable!”, he thought as he turned the dial to hot and steamy water fell from the shower head.  He couldn’t stop thinking the lady he met a mere twelve hours prior.  He stood under the water and closed his eyes, remembering every possible detail of the woman.  Her long dark hair, mesmerizing green eyes, her beautiful smile that brightened every room she walked into… and her breasts.  Her huge, soft, suck able breasts.  He smiled at the thought, his manhood rising in agreement.  Her breasts were as far as he was able to get with her last night.  She wouldn’t allow him to get any further but that was fine.  He hoped there would be many more chances to spend time with her, not just to explore her body but her mind as well.  Her shyness was most intriguing, like an ancient book in a foreign language; but throughout the evening, she opened up a little at a time exposing their commonalities in taste and cultures.  He found himself hanging onto her every word, not in a superficial sense but for once, he genuinely cared about what a woman had to say.  While their friends, the couple who’s home there were in, retired to their bedroom, he became more and more captivated by her. Their conversation continued and he found himself sharing intimate knowledge about his life with her as if they’d know each other all their lives.

The water continued to rain down upon him, the steam placing the room in a foggy haze.  He touched himself thinking about his raven haired beauty.  His pace quickened as he remembered the moment he took a chance and kissed her lips, hoping not to be smacked in the process.  She returned his kiss with one of her own, her lips soft and sweet.  Their kisses grew more and more passionate, the heat between them increased intensely.  He tried his luck again, placing his hands under her shirt, his thumbs on her stomach.  She politely whispered to him how it made her feel self conscious and he quickly apologized and stopped.  She smiled and thanked him for understanding.  She climbed off the couch and turned off the lights in the room  He watched her remove her shirt and bra as she walked back towards him in the faint light coming from a back bathroom.  She climbed back beside him, laying him down, his head resting on the arm of the couch.  Her huge breast dangled right in front of his nose.  She leaned forward, her breasts lightly rubbing his cheeks.  He could feel the growth in his jeans and knew she could feel it as well.  She moved her hips back and forth on him.  He held her breasts in place, kissing each of them, then giving them each a long lick.  He tried to slide his down her pants but was politely rebuffed.  He respected her and her decisions.  Girls he had been with in the past were easy, never told him no, but again, she was different.  Making him work for it was a new experience but he actually liked it. Without warning, there was a loud knock on the front door.  She grabbed her shirt and ran to the door.  His friend emerged from his bedroom, holding a large black pistol.  He checked the peephole and answered the door slowly.  It was his neighbor, drunk, and banging on the wrong door.  After shutting the door in his drunken neighbor’s face, his friend asked him where she went.

“She’s in the bathroom”, he stated in a matter of fact fashion.  His friend glanced at the couch and saw her bra half tucked under a cushion.

“Have fun”, he said with a wink

When she returned from the bathroom, the mood was no longer right so he allowed her to sleep on the couch while he sat on the floor and watched tv.  He left in morning before she woke, writing his number down in hopes to see her again soon.

He turned off the shower and began to dry himself off.  As he brushed his teeth, his phone beeped.  It was a message from her!

“I hoped to see you once I woke up but they said you had to leave.  I’d love to hang out again very soon! Tonight even! Call me”

He could barely contain his excitement!  He immediately called back, beginning his conversation; “Hey! Of course tonight works!…


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