interlude eight

He could think of a million different things he’d rather be doing this early in the morning.  Sleeping snugly in his warm bed chief among them.  The sky turned overcast as they drove, never allowing for much of a sunrise.  As he parked the car, she was giddily with excitement.  She finally had time to go on a brisk hike through their county’s vast nature trails.  She loved walking in general, getting in a couple miles every morning.  After several weekends of her work, his work, and other obligations; the day was finally here.  He liked to stay in shape but wasn’t near the avid fan of walking as she.  She did ask him nicely and he didn’t want her walking through the thick forest along the trail alone.  It was an added bonus how amazing she looked in her work out gear.  Everything spandex and form fitting.  She caught him staring as she was stretching her calves.

“Hey!  I’ll let you stare at it all night, even squeeze it but you need to be stretching right now!”, she yelled at him while shaking her tight grey spandex covered ass.

He smiled and began to stretch his legs.  He looked up noticing the changes in the atmosphere.

“We’ll have to hurry, it’s going to rain soon!”, he told her while pointing his index finger in the air.

“It’ll be fine”, she called out walking backwards towards the trails, “Let’s Go!”

“Fine”, he said shaking his head and they were off.

Their walk commenced at a brisk pace over the rocky terrain, venturing up steep inclines and falling away to cascading valleys.  He was actually enjoying himself.

“This isn’t too bad”, he thought to himself as he kept pace with her.

She looked at him, “You’re having fun aren’t you?” she asked

“Yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought”, he admitted.

Their stride slowed down and she held his hand.

“We can take a short break by that pond”, she said pointing down at the pool of water roughly 300 yards away. Walking downhill proved to be easier said than done with the grass slick from the morning dew.  She held his hand tightly as he guided the way.  She always loved the feel and strength of his hands. They were big like an old catcher’s mitt but incredibly soft.  She couldn’t help but notice his muscles, tense, as he maintained his balance, steadying them both.  When the decline flatten out towards the pond, she slipped on a rock, tweaking her ankle.  She leaned on his shoulder, lifting her foot up and down, hoping this stretch would stop any further pain of injury.

“I’ll be okay'”, she assured him, “Just give a minute to rest it.”

He looked towards the pond, noticing a picnic table along its banks.

“Hold me around my neck”, he told her as he put his arms under her knees and lifted her up.

“Aren’t we Mr Muscles?”, she said smiling then giving him a kiss on the cheek.  He smiled back as he carried her the remaining distance to the table.  She flexed her foot back and forth on the picnic table, checking her ankle’s mobility.

“How’s the ankle?”, he asked

“I believe it’s okay”, she replied, “just a minor tweak.  I’ll be able to walk again in a few minutes.”

He walked to a nearby bulletin boards containing a map of the entire trail.  If they continued on this path by the pond, they would be back to the car in no time.  That would be best as he looked up at the sky.  More clouds were rolling in, their darkness casting a harsh color to the surrounding trees.

“Did you figure out where we are?”, she called out.

“Yes, when you’re ready we’ll take this path since it appears quicker than backtracking” he replied

“What’s your hurry?”, she asked, “I told you my ankle will be fine”

“Thinking more about the incoming rain”, he said

“Again with the rain”, she said shaking her head, “It’s not going to rain today.  The weatherman said it would only be partly cloudy”

“Okay…” he said looking at the clouds, their appearance getting more menacing.

“How about this, if it actually does rain, I will give you head.  WHEN IT DOESN’T, you’ll have to give me an hour long foot massage.  Is it a deal?”, she asked

He looked to the sky again and stuck out his hand, “Deal!”

She shook his hand and they were in agreement, both believing they would each come out as the victor.  As they began their walk back to the parking spot, he wondering if he did a rain dance would it help his cause or would his extremely terrible dancing offended the gods and cause the dark skies to leave and the sun to appear.  He chuckled as they walked at a much slower pace than they started.  The terrain of this trail was better suited for walking in her condition.  The gravel crunched under their feet, the air temperature began to fall.

“It’s getting a little chilly”, she said rubbing her arms.

He put his arm around her, holding her close to give her warmth.  She closed her eyes, letting him guide her down the trail.  She loved how protected she felt in his arms, how all her worries would leave her at his touch.  The faint rumbles of thunder could heard in the distance.  He quickened their pace slightly.

“I thought you wanted it to rain?”, she asked

“Oh you know I do now but I don’t want to be in a thunderstorm surrounded by trees either”,  he responded.

The wind picked up, making the trees sway and dance all around.  The thunder clapped once more, closer and with more force.  She looked up at him, “I can jog to try to beat the storm”

“Let’s give it a try”, he said picking up speed.

Small droplets of rain fell gently from the sky.

“Looks like you’ve won the bet”, she said as they continued their jog

“Yep but I’m more concerned with getting caught in the middle of this storm on the trail”, he said

The rain picked up, gaining from a slight drizzle to a steady downpour.  The two of them maintained their brisk pace as the parking lot came into view.

“Almost there!”, he said excitedly.  A bolt of lightning cracked across the darkened sky, illuminating the area around them as the crashes of thunder shook the earth beneath them.  The rain eased up as they reached the pavement of the parking lot.  They were both soaking wet.

“Good thing I thought to bring us both spare clothes”, she said, happy that she wouldn’t have to ride home in wet ones.  He nodded in agreement, realizing the parking lot was completely empty.

“I’m glad everyone left”, he said, “I’m soaked to the bone and don’t think I’m graceful enough to change in the backseat.”

“You’re just going to change outside?” she asked

“Yeah, I’m just going to the side of the car away from the entrance in case someone pulls up”, he replied

“That’s actually not a bad idea”, she said

“You can just dressed in the car”, he told her.

“If you block and look out for me, I can do it quickly and not get water everywhere”, she told him

It made sense he thought so he told her okay and stood guard, placing her between himself and the open car door.  He turned his head to spy a quick glance.  She was bent at her waist, peeling her wet spandex pants off, her sexy naked ass pointed directly at him. He rested his palms on her nude cheeks, giving them a nice squeeze.

“I thought you were supposed to stand watch?” she asked as she finally got the spandex tights off.

“No one is around”, he said smiling as he continued to palm her ass.  She backed into him and slowly rubbed her as against him, then slid on a pair of sweatpants.

“You still need to get your wet clothes off too”, she told him.

He pulled off his shirt and was surprised to feel her fingers on his waistband, tugging his shorts down carefully.  She released the shorts at his ankles, then knelt before him holding his ever growing dick.  He hesitated slightly as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

“It rained and I always keep my word”, she said with a devilish smile.


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