Interlude Three

He laid her down with a kiss. She wanted him to stay there, kissing him again; her hands on his face. He looked into her eyes and smiled, moving her hands from his face and rested them above her head. He then kissed her chin and down her neck and collarbone. Each kiss like a footprint down a beautifully curvy path. He stopped at her breasts, giving each gentle care and deep kisses. Her body squirming in enjoyment as he ran his tongue around her pink areolas, biting her nipples. He kissed her sternum and continued on his path of kisses, lowering himself with each touch of his lips to her skin. She moaned happily with each kiss, the sound getting deeper the closer to her center he got. He reached the top of her clitoral hood and hesitated slightly, thinking she would stop him. He heard no such protest so he held her hips and buried his face into her labia. Her body jerked as his tongue darted amongst her folds, resting on her engorged clit. 

“Oh Oh Oh”, she stuttered as he placed his lips on her button and began to suck softly, then with more pressure. While holding it with his lips, he then started to jab her clit with his tongue. She screamed in ecstasy as his tongue moved more rapidly about her clit and inner folds. He could taste her nectar, her moisture filled every crevice. She grabbed her breast, squeezing her nipple with one hand while grabbing his hair, holding his head steady as her body

“I’m I’m I’m I…” She repeated until sound no longer came from her voice. He knew he just achieved his goal but saw no point in stopping there


Interlude Two

She couldn’t believe it. Tonight she’ll finally have the chance to be alone with him. No roommates interfering, no group dates, just and him and her in an empty house. All. Night. Long. The family she is house sitting for asked that she not have any one over but they would never know. She invited him over to watch tv and hang out but she was prepared for so much more. In the short time since they’ve started dating, she’s only enjoyed a couple kisses and being held tightly in his arms. His cologne was always intoxicating

The doorbell rang. A rush of electricity poured over her body. She quickly walked to the door and opened it. Her arousal grew as she looked at him in the door frame. His perfect smile, the way his t-shirt and jeans hugged him in just the right places. She caught herself staring at the bulge in his pants when he said “So are you going to invite me in?”

“Yes, yes”, she said taking him by the hand and walking him to the living room

“Nice place”, he remarked as looked around at the photos on the walls, “How long are you house sitting?”

“A couple more days”, she replied

She took a seat on the spacious couch and motioned for him to him join her. As he sat, she climbed onto his lap and planted a kiss on his lips 

“Getting right to the point!”, he said with a chuckle

“Yep!”, she said continuing her kisses. 

He held her closer, engaging her in the throes of passion. All the time it took to get to this moment was completely worth it. His kisses were gentle but with force. His lips, soft and firm. As he pulled her closer, lightly nudging her neck with his nose, he gently kissed behind her ear. She moaned happily, settling more into his body, his scent filling her lungs. His hands roved under her shirt and across her back, reaching her bra clasps and releasing them. She removed her shirt and bra, exposing her large supple breasts. He held them in his hands, rubbing her pink nipples in a circular motion with his thumbs. She rocked her body against his as he placed his mouth on her right breast. She moaned with delight as he lightly sucked and bit her erect nipples, alternating between both breasts. She could feel his manhood growing in his jeans while she rocked atop him. As he continued sucking and playing with her breasts, she could no longer maintain her composure. They have been making out for almost 30 minutes and it was time for action. She leaned into ear, whispering “I want you inside me, let’s go to the bedroom”

She couldn’t believe what she was saying. She had never been this forceful, this confident. He brought something alive within her, something she didn’t realize was there and no other man could release as well. She climbed off him and grabbed his hand to lead him to the master bedroom. He stopped her as he got off the couch. 

“I don’t want you to think I think you’re just some easy piece”, he told her

“I know you don’t feel that way about me and I certainly don’t feel that way about you”, she said smiling. 

They walked into the bedroom. She felt the wetness building up in her vagina, her clit tingling as she turned on a small lamp on the bed side table. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing the back of her neck. She could feel the bulge in his jeans against her back

“We have a problem”, he said softly in her ear, “I didn’t want to think to forward of you so I didn’t bring anything with me”

She knew what he meant and honestly thought it was very gentlemanly of him. She also knew how much she wanted him inside her. 

“It’s okay”, she replied slowly taking off her pants and underwear in one motion. She laid on top of the king sized bed, partially opening her legs. 

“What a beautiful sight”, he thought glazing at her body 

He removed his jeans and boxers, his erection springing free. His wasn’t the biggest penis she’d seen but was still more than enough for her. It’s tip glistened in the dim light of the lamp. She knew it was against her better judgement to not use a condom but her carnal instincts had already taken over. He climbed onto the bed and settled into her. The head easily entered her without much resistance due to how wet she had become. He plunged his dick in deeper, her moans matching his motion. 

“Harder! Harder!”, she exclaimed grabbing his shoulder blades as he thrust more to follow her command. He felt amazing. She hoped this would continue all night. He penetrated her more and more until he cried out, “Oh Shit!”

He pulled out his shaft and after a couple quick jerks, spread his seed onto his thighs and the comforter. 

“That’s a lot of sperm”, she thought

“I’ll get a towel from the bathroom”, he said as he climbed off the bed. Even though it ended way sooner than she had hoped, the sex was still great. He returned with a towel, softly cleaning her legs. 

“I’m sorry, this is so embarrassing”, he said sheepishly 

“No, it really felt good!” She replied

“Best 45 seconds of your life”, he said grimacing and shaking his head

“Seriously, I enjoyed it!”, she reassured him, “And there’s always next time!”

Interlude One

The full moon reflected brightly through the partially opened blinds. The moonlight illuminated her nude body as she stood above him, nervous as her body lowered onto his. He held her hips, feeling a slight tremble throughout her being. 

“Are you okay?”, he asked

“Yes”, she replied leaning forward and kissing his lips 

She felt his manhood shift between her legs as they embraced. She longed for him to be inside her but was unsure as she never seen, touched, or felt a member of his size. The individuals she had been with in the past were mere boys in comparison. He was a man. She grew wet with anticipation. Her womanhood wanted to be penetrated by him. She kissed him deeply one last time, gently biting his lip as they finished. She then lifted her leg, reached down and careful picked up his erection. It was heavy in her hand and she could feel it pulse as she held it. She rubbed the thick head against her mound, her moisture growing as she placed it in her opening. He raised his hips as she lowered hers, entering her slowly; carefully. She released a loud whimper as he continued his motion; raising and lowering his hips, his penis getting deeper and deeper into her essence. 

“Is it too much?” He asked

“No…No…”, she said between moans, “Keep going please”